Sunday, 12 January 2014

Creative Conundrum

Early Lessons

Well, my first creative writing assignment has been sent.  It's gone - it's out of my hands.  Another agonising wait follows whilst my fate rests in the hands of my Tutor (OK so maybe a bit dramatic but that's how it feels). Consisting of a section of short story and a commentary/reflection, this assignment feels far  more personal than any of the essays.  Whilst the other results mattered, this one matters more.  Supposing I have got it completely wrong?  Should I have gone for the the essay option?  I know I shouldn't have, I had to give this a go but....

It's been five days so far.  Every day I keep reminding myself that this is my first piece of creative writing that has ever been assessed - of course there will be mistakes and of course there will be improvements to make. That is the whole point of taking the course.  Next year is my first full creative writing module, I had better get used to this feeling.

Oh well only another ten days to go of this discordant mind tennis - unless of course, by some miracle, my Tutor actually marks it early!


  1. Take a very very deep breath and try to focus on your next piece... the CW modules fly by and you need to make sure you have enough time and head space for the final pieces - they come round like juggernauts if you aren't careful.
    It actually doesn't get any better - the feeling of terror at someone else judging your babies - for that is exactly what your words are...but you do get more used to it. I finished the CW Diploma with OU three years ago and it was a terrific course. Im now at a 'red-brick' Uni, doing a full BA in Creative Writing; I enjoyed the OU one so much. If you ever need a proof reader just holler.

    1. Thanks for the advice and for the offer. I may well take you up on that!


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