Sunday, 17 March 2013

Boilers, Blogs and Beats

Boilers, Blogs and Beats...

I have well and truly neglected my blog over the last month.  It seems everything has conspired against me.  A nice short school term at work means not long until the next break.  On the minus side it means cramming six weeks of work into four and a half weeks.  So, getting home already a bit jaded from a days work, I have tried to get on with the studying.

My plan for 'brewing' essays went to pot when the assignment week proved to be a disaster at home.  Amongst other distractions, the boiler broke down whilst the gas and heating engineer (also known as the Guitarman) was away for two days.  Since changing careers seven years ago, the Guitarman has rarely gone away - why did the boiler choose this week to die!  Lots of kettle boiling and filling of pans ensued.  I missed my yoga class and crammed in studying -  twenty minutes here and twenty minutes there, but managed to get the assignment in on time.  Completely out of my comfort zone as organisation went out of the window on this one but I suppose it had to happen sometime.

In an effort to ensure that this doesn't happen again I crammed in the next two weeks chapters of the course in one and started preparation for the next assignment, about two weeks ahead of time.  The Burial at Thebes by Seamus Heaney - Sophocles' Antigone.  I have a definite fondness for classical studies going back to my time at secondary school.  Poetry, however, is not my strong point.  I have been reliably informed by the study material that the prologue is in three beat verse - I have listened to the audio production and read it out loud I don't know how many times but as yet I don't get it!  My brain is not tuning in - I'm not hearing the three beats.  Oh dear, not a good start...

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